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If you found your way through this article, chances are, you have one of the following body types: rectangle, inverted triangle, apple. What do they have in common? They all have a small booty. Not necessarily a “pitiful” kind of small but enough to make you wish you were born with a bigger one. Well, these swimsuit hacks were written especially just for you. Here’s how to make your butt look bigger in a swimsuit.

So how the heck do you make your butt look bigger in a swimsuit? There are two ways to achieve that: by sticking to a bum-numbing squat workout routine, or by simply choosing the right swimsuit. The former is obvious, but the latter needs a little bit of explanation.

Here are 6 tips and tricks on how to make your booty appear larger when wearing a swimsuit.

Show a little butt cheek.

How to Wear Cheeky Bikini Bottoms Guide

“Say what now? Show my butt cheek? Didn’t I mention that my butt is as flat as a pancake and now you’re telling me to expose it?“, you might argue.

Yes, it does sound counterintuitive but you see, that’s where most women get it wrong.

In an attempt to hide the “flatness” of their booty, they opt for full coverage (and diaper-like) bikini bottoms to draw less attention to their behind. But by doing so, they actually end up with the opposite effect—a flatter butt.

Cheeky bikini bottoms, as opposed to full coverage ones, do a great job in visually enhancing the booty.

Here’s how: By wearing a cheeky bottom, you’re exposing the curvy part of your booty. This exposed portion creates the illusion of a more toned and fuller effect— way more toned and fuller than just covering up all that you’ve got. The more cheek exposed, the more enhanced your booty looks.

How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger in a Swimsuit
Full vs cheeky coverage in swimsuits. With a cheeky coverage swimsuit, the booty appears bigger and more toned.

Think of cheeky bikinis as push-up bras. Push up bras enhance the breast not by covering them fully but by highlighting the cleavage. As a result, the breasts look fuller and bigger than they would have looked had the cleavage been fully concealed.

How cheeky should you go?

how to wear cheeky bikini bottoms

A good rule of thumb is to go with the coverage you’re comfortable in.

In this article, I explained the 5 different levels of swimsuit butt coverage. Thong is level 5 with the least coverage. Levels 1 & 2 are full coverage, while 3 & 4 are somewhere in between— shows some cheek but not as skimpy as thongs.

If you’re uncomfortable sporting a thong or haven’t tried any cheeky bikini before, opt for level 3.

If a sagging booty is an issue, opt for a scrunch.

How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger in a Swimsuit
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Due to its tight and textured fabric, a scrunch bikini will visually lift and camouflage the sag from your glute muscles, creating the illusion of a toned butt.

If a saggy bottom is your issue but you’re too lazy to do a hundred squats a day, a scrunch bikini is your best bet.

The good thing about it is, unlike high rise swimsuits, scrunch bikinis are available in all levels of butt coverage, so you can both opt for a full or a cheeky coverage.

Go for high-rise swimsuits.

Note: You may skip this part if you’re just not a fan of super revealing swimsuits or if you have a super short torso.

How to Make Your Buttocks Look Bigger in a Swimsuit
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Think of high-rise swimsuits as regular cheeky bikinis but with two added benefits— they elongate the legs and widen the hips.

By exposing the widest part of the hips, they create the illusion of wider hips. Perfect for an inverted triangle body.

And because it hikes higher than the natural waistline, it creates a visual extension for the legs, elongating them. Perfect for ladies with short legs but not for the short-torsoed because it subtracts from the torso as much as it adds to the legs.

Other than that, count on high rise swimsuits to give your booty a more lifted and less saggy look.

And because of that, their comeback from the ’80s are probably here to stay.

Shop for volume-enhancing designs.

Perfect if you prefer a modest coverage.

You don’t always have to wear a skimpy bathing suit to enhance your booty.

In fact, you can achieve the same effect by wearing designs that add volume to the booty regardless of their butt coverage. Frilled and ruffled bikinis are perfect examples.

How to Make Your booty Look larger in a Swimsuit
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With frilled and ruffled bikinis, the extra voluminous fabric sitting at the buttocks creates the illusion of a more lifted and bigger butt. The same rule applies if you want to enhance your breasts.

It’s no coincidence then that frills and ruffles are flattering on straight body types like rectangle and apple as they not only accentuate the booty but also enhance the overall curve of the body.

Look for designs that hug the waist and flare at the hips.

how to make your butt less flat in a swimsuit
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Anything that hugs the waistline and flares at the bottom is your best friend. Designs like A-line, peplum, and handkerchief are your safest bet if you’re shopping online and you don’t wanna go wrong.

By creating a contrast between the waist vs the hips and booty, an hourglass silhouette is created— slimmer waist with wider hips and larger booty.

Match a solid top with a printed bottom.

We all know that black is slimming. It’s also perfect at downplaying the parts we aren’t so keen to show off (like love handles and cellulite).

But what about prints? What do they do?

How to Make Your Booty Appear More Toned in a Swimsuit

Well, they do exactly the opposite. They highlight and enhance. The busier the print, the more enhanced your booty is gonna look.

And if you want to take it a step further, contrast your printed bottom with a black or solid-colored top. By downplaying your upper body with a solid color, you’re highlighting your booty even more effectively.

Why all the rave about big butt anyway?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not because of Kim Kardashian. (Although she did break the internet once with her butt.)

Dating back, big buttocks have been the rave far longer than you can imagine—from the ancient Greek’s statue of Venus Callipyge, to Ming China (where big buttocks were often compared to a bright full moon), and to countless artists and painters who seem to be huge fans of massive buttocks.


Well, here’s what science has to say about it:

Evolutionary psychologists suggest that rounded buttocks may have evolved as a desirable trait because they provide a visual indication of the woman’s youth and fertility.

They signal the presence of estrogen and the presence of sufficient fat stores for pregnancy and lactation. Additionally, the buttocks give an indication of the shape and size of the pelvis, which impacts reproductive capability. Since development and pronunciation of the buttocks begins at menarche and declines with age, full buttocks are also a symbol of youth.

So there you go. Looks like it’s an evolutionary instinct and we seem to have no choice about the matter. The good thing is, knowing how to make your booty look bigger in a swimsuit is easy enough.

May the abovementioned butt-enhancing tips make your shopping painless and fun.

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