What's your body type?

Knowing your body type means knowing your best features, your problem areas, and the fashion designs that’ll flatter your silhouette.



How to Dress When You're Short and Fat

How to Dress When You’re Short and Fat

If you landed on this page through Google search, then I can only assume that these two conditions apply to you: First, you think you’re short and fat, and second, you wanna look taller and slimmer when dressing up. If both of these apply to...

Do Halter Tops Look Good on Broad Shoulders?

Do Halter Tops Look Good on Broad Shoulders?

When it comes to halter tops and dresses, there are 3 types of women: The ones who look stunning in them, the ones who don’t (but wanna figure it out), and the ones who are still unsure. This article will help the second figure it out and the...

Do Off-the-Shoulder Tops Make You Look Bigger?

Do Off the Shoulder Tops Make You Look Bigger?

Off-the-shoulder tops are among the most-raved clothing in the fashion industry right now. And it isn’t hard to see why. They add a summer vibe to the outfit and make the wearer look more feminine. But you might wonder, do they suit every body...

How to Dress an Hourglass Body type

How to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape

If you own an hourglass body shape, consider yourself a lucky woman. It means you have what some women don’t: a naturally slim waist and a proportionately balanced figure. You can practically wear almost anything you like and expect to look...

how to dress an inverted triangle body

How to Dress an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Athletic, strong, broad-chested— these are the adjectives associated with an inverted triangle body shape. If you have this shape, then your likely issue when dressing up is that your frame might look too mannish for your liking. Can you remedy this...

How to Dress a Rectangle Body Type

How to Dress a Rectangle or Straight Body

If you have a rectangle body type, then your issues when dressing up likely have a lot to do with your curves— specifically the lack of them. But that stops now. In this article, you’ll learn the styling principles on how to dress a rectangle...

How to Dress a Pear Body Type

How to Dress a Pear Body Type: Complete Guide

Whether you’re a regular or a plus size pear, this guide will show you how to dress a pear body type by discussing styling principles. And by styling principles, I mean the design elements used by designers to style every piece of clothing:...