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Bikinis, one piece, high waisted swimsuits, they seem to be getting all the reputation. But tankinis? Not so much. Are tankinis flattering? Or are tankinis lame?

Technically, tankinis can be flattering—but only if you find the right one that suits your body shape. It’s just like choosing a bikini. You might look good in a triangle-shaped bikini but not so with ruffled ones. And this post is about finding the right tankini according to your needs.

What is a tankini?

Tankini is basically a pair of tank top—a sleeveless collarless shirt with a built-in padded bra— and a bikini bottom worn together as a swimsuit. The good thing about it being a a tank top is, you can wear it, not just as a swimsuit, but as a regular top paired with jeans or a long skirt.

Why wear a tankini?

Let’s get this straight: A tankini is not for everyone. Most women find the extra clothing restrictive. But if one of the cases below applies to you, then tankinis might suit you right.

If you want to hide your tummy for a while

Perhaps you just gave birth, or you ate too much on Thanksgiving, or you’re just not comfortable showing off that extra bulge in your belly, then you might wanna try tankinis.

Most tankinis are designed to have a roomy area for the tummy and belly area but not without being stylish. If you pick wisely, the cut of a tankini should not just provide coverage but also flatter your figure.

If you’re looking for a modest swimsuit

Because there certainly are occasions when frolicking around the beach with your thong or skimpy bikini is a little bit uncomfortable, and at times, inappropriate.

From time to time, you’ll to spend time with people whom you don’t feel comfortable showing off your body. Like your boyfriend’s parents for example. Or your parents and relatives, your male colleagues at work. If you need to cover up a little bit from time to time, tankinis could help you out on that. 

If you wanna try a different style. Because why not?

Perhaps you wanna veer off your usual bikini routine and explore other designs that you haven’t thought of wearing. Tankini is great way to start.

How are tankinis supposed to fit?

Just like any right sized swimsuit, a tankini should fit nice and comfortable. If the underwire is digging onto your skin, the straps keep falling off, and your breasts can hardly breath, don’t compromise. Not even if you look good in it. Return the damn thing and ask for a refund.

Another factor to consider is: Do you feel good and sexy in it? If you have doubts, consider that as a no. Oddly, there are outfits which you get compliments on, but you just couldn’t quite shake the feeling that you wanna wear something else.

In short, you’ll know you’ve found the right tankini when you see it. The way it fits, the way your eyes spark when you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll just know it.

If you want to understand the feeling, try to relive that moment when you first wore your favorite dress, or pants, or bikini. Did you have to rely on a friend’s opinion whether you should buy it or not? Heck no! You just know. Whoever’s opinion about the matter becomes secondary. You just know.

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