About Answearable

About Answearable.com

The more you know about your body, the easier it is to look great.

Looking stylish is not about following trends, losing weight, being rich, or succumbing to the knife. It’s about dressing to show off what you’re proud of and camouflaging what you dislike about your body.

This, therefore, boils down to one thing: Know your body type and you can conquer your closet.

How does Answearable make this happen?

  • Answearable makes this happen by teaching you the principles of fashion aesthetic. That’s the initial goal. But that’s not all…
  • As we progress, we’ll talk more about finding your own sense of style. Sure. It’s possible to look impeccable in an outfit while at the same time feeling that the same outfit just doesn’t suit your personality.
  • In a nutshell, Answerable’s goal is to help you choose the right clothes that’ll both make the people around you go “Wow!” and more importantly, make you feel like a million dollars.

“Is it possible to look stylish even if I’m fat?”

The fashion industry is now starting to cater to plus size women which technically means yes, it is possible to look great regardless of your size. (Sure, the system isn’t perfect but it is a start.)

But beware! Your definition of fat could be sabotaging you.

If your definition of fat is a US size 6 with a little bit of fat hanging around, then my friend, you’ve subscribed too fervently to the notion that you need to be stick-thin to be stylish. You must crush this notion like an annoying mosquito.

The fashion industry and social media are ready to do so. Are you?