Kibbe Body Type Test with Pictures and Examples Detailed

Kibbe Body Type Test With Pictures, Examples

In this detailed Kibbe body test, you’ll answer a total of 15 questions divided into four parts: bone structure, body type/flesh, facial bones, and facial features.

Answers A and B are Yang dominant (masculine) which means sharp and angular while answers D and E are Yin dominant (feminine) which means soft and round. Answer C, on the other hand, is Balance which is a blended mix between Yin and Yang

In each question are photos to help you accurately assess your body. Answer each question as thoroughly as you can especially the Bone Structure as it’s the one that counts the most!

To accurately answer each question, you’ll need a pen and paper, a photo of your whole body (face included) in undergarments with the camera lens leveled to the middle of your body so you don’t look taller nor shorter, and a photo of your whole face facing the camera. Let’s begin.


Kibbe Test Part 1 | Bone Structure

This will measure the shape and visual length of your Bone Structure— shoulders, arms, legs, hands, and feet.

1. How long is your vertical line?

Vertical line means how tall you look in comparison to your actual height. Even if you’re tall, it’s possible to have a shorter vertical line and vice versa.

  • A. Long, I look taller than I actually am.
  • B. Moderately long. I look like I’m slightly taller than I actually am, but not by very much.
  • C. Moderate. I look to be my actual height.
  • D. Smallish. I look slightly shorter than my actual height.
  • E. Petite. I look shorter than I actually am.

If we compare Emma Watson and Ashley Greene in similar outfits, which of them looks taller?

Kibbe Body Type Test

Ashley Green, for sure, looks taller than Emma. But would you have guessed that they’re actually both 5’5″? It’s not just the camera angle either. Google their photos wearing similar clothing and see the difference.

Despite having the same height, Ashley Greene has a longer vertical line than Emma’s. The same goes for Angelina Jolie and Katie Perry who are both 5’7″.

Generally, if you have a small head compared to your shoulders, you will look taller. If you have a large head compared to your shoulders, you will look shorter.

Another way of putting it is that broad-shouldered women tend to look taller than the narrow-shouldered ones. If you’re unsure about yours, ask someone (who doesn’t know your height) to guess your height while you’re standing or show your photo.

2. What’s the shape of your shoulders?

A. Sharp and narrow

These shoulders look masculine. They’re narrow, angular, and sharp. They have no softness nor bluntness. Just an abrupt transition from shoulders to arms. Like Keira Knightley’s shoulders.

Kibbe Dramatic Shoulders

B. Blunt, broad

These shoulders are still Yang dominant (masculine) but they do have some Yin softness (feminine) too. As a result of this fusion, they’re angular but also a little softer at the edges. This results in broadness and a shoulder-to-arm transition that isn’t as abrupt as A.

C. Moderate, even.

These shoulders have 50% Yang and 50 Yin mixed evenly in a blender. As a result, you cannot tell whether they’re Yin or Yang dominant because they’re neither. They’re neutral. If your shoulders don’t fall under A, B, D, or E, then they’re probably a C.

D. Sloped, tapered

These shoulders are dainty and delicate like E but possess a sharpness at the edges instead of roundness like E.

E. Sloped, rounded.

These shoulders are dainty, delicate, and soft at the edges. Think of Beyonce’s shoulders.

Kibbe Romantic Shoulders

3. How long do your arms and legs look in comparison to your body?

  • A. Elongated, narrow
  • B. Elongated, broad
  • C. Moderate, even in proportion to my height and torso
  • D. Small, slightly short
  • E. Small, very short in proportion to my height and torso

Note: Even if you’re short, you can still have long arms and legs. And even if you’re tall, you can still have short arms and legs. The question asks how long arms and legs look in proportion to your own body.

4. What are the size and shape of your hands and feet in comparison to the rest of your body?

A. Long, narrow

Kibbe Dramatic Hands

B. Large, broad

Kibbe Natural Hands

C. Moderate, neither very large nor very small

Kibbe Classic Hands

D. Small, narrow, delicate

Kibbe Body Type Test

E. Small, slightly wide

Kibbe Romantic Hands


Kibbe Test Part 2 | Body Type or Flesh

This part asks about how your bust, waist, and hips look in comparison to one another.

5. What’s the overall shape of your body?

A. Long, lean, dry.

“Dry” means no defined curves. Breasts are small to average, waist straight, and hips narrow.

B. Broad, tending toward muscular.

This body type have broad and prominent shoulders, the waistline is either straight or slightly defined, and the hipline narrower in comparison to the shoulders Like an inverted triangle.

C. Moderate, even

The keyword is symmetry. If you look at this body type as a whole, no part would stick out and look extreme(no hourglass waist, broad shoulders, straight hips,). Everything is just moderately shaped.

Waist is moderately defined (not as curvy as D and E but not straight as A), with bust and shoulders appearing equal in visual width (visual width means no tape measure involved).

D. Shapely, a delicate hourglass

This means you have an extremely defined hourglass figure but with some sharpness on your shoulders.

Theatrical Romantic Waist

E. Very soft, lushly curved, a ripe hourglass.

This means you’re also hourglass-shaped with rounded shoulders, arms, and thighs. Even if you’re slim, the roundness and daintiness of your limbs is still noticeable. Think of Beyonce.

Romantic Hourglass

6. What’s the shape of your bust line, or upper torso?

Your bustline is the line encircling the fullest part of your bust, including your breasts and back fats.

  • A. Flat, taut (I never seem to add flesh here, even when overweight).
  • B. Wide, broad (I add a little flesh here when overweight, but not very much).
  • C. Moderate, in even proportion to my waist and hips
  • D. Shapely, curved, more prominent than my waistline (I tend to add flesh here when overweight).
  • E. Very prominent (whether I’m thin or heavy, I’m always busty).

7. What’s the shape of your waistline?

A. Elongated, but boyishly tapered even when overweight.

Lean and Dry Dramatic

B. Elongated, but broad

Muscular Natural

C. Moderate, slightly defined

D. Very small in proportion to my bust and hips

Theatrical Romantic Waist

E. Softly defined, but tends to be slightly wide because it’s more rounded.

8. What’s the overall shape of your hips?

For this question, refer to the photos from the question number 7.

  • A. Tapered, straight, narrow (but I do thicken here when overweight)
  • B. Straight, slightly tapered, and slightly wide (weight collects on the hips)
  • C. Moderate, in even proportion to my bust and waist
  • D. Shapely and rounded, more pronounced than my waistline
  • E. Extremely soft and extremely rounded (whatever my weight is)

9. What best describes the flesh on your upper arms and thighs?

  • A. Long, slender, sinewy
  • B. Elongated, tending towards muscular
  • C. Moderate
  • D. Soft, slightly short
  • E. Very soft, slightly wide and fleshy


Kibbe Test Part 3 | Facial Bones

Here, you’ll answer questions about your facial bones: jawline, nose, and cheekbones.

10. What is the shape of your jawline?

A. Sharp, either very pointed or very square

With these jawlines, there’s little doubt about their sharpness and/ or squareness. There’s no bluntness.

B. Broad, blunt, slightly wide

Think of A jawlines but instead of being extremely sharp and square, they’re a little rounded. They’re basically A jawlines that didn’t try very hard. Still Yang dominant though but with a little Yin in them.

C. Moderate, neither wide, sharp, nor rounded

In comparison to the rest of its facial features, C jawlines are moderate and “controlled”. They aren’t narrow, nor wide, nor rounded. They’re in between. A classic example of this is Grace Kelly.

Kibbe Classic Jawline

D. Delicate, tapered, or slightly narrow

These are narrow jawlines but as they slope, they show some sharpness. They’re definitely more Yin than Yang though because of their prominent narrowness.

E. Rounded or softly wide

With noticeable roundness and zero sharpness, these jawlines are extremely Yin. Think of the jawlines of Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce. They have small bones with little to zero sharpness.

11. What’s the shape of your nose?

A. Sharp or prominent

B. Broad or blunt, on the large side

This was Jennifer A’s nose before her septoplasty surgery.

C. Moderate; not very large or small, not very rounded or sharp.

D. Delicate, tapered, narrow.

E. Rounded or softly wide.

12. What’s the shape of your cheekbones?

A. High and prominent

B. Wide

C. Moderate

D. Delicate, narrow, and slightly rounded

E. Rounded


Kibbe Test Part 4 | Facial Flesh

This part measures your eyes, lips, and the flesh of your cheeks.

13. What’s the shape of your eyes?

A. Narrow, straight, closely spaced

B. Narrow, straight, widely spaced

C. Evenly spaced, moderately sized

D. Rounded or upturned, slightly close together

E. Very round and very large

14. What’s the shape of your lips?

A. Straight, narrow, possibly described as thin lips.

Kibbe Dramatic Lips

B. Straight, strong, broad, but not full.

Kibbe Natural Lips

C. Moderate, even, not very straight, but not very full.

Kibbe Classic Lips

D. Slightly full and rounded

E. Very full and very rounded

Kibbe Romantic Lips

15. What best describes the flesh on your cheekbones?

A. Flat and taut (and tend to stay tight when overweight)

Kibbe Dramatic Cheeks

B. Fairly tight or muscular, but I tend to get a bit puffy when I put on weight.

C. Moderate, slightly soft

D. Soft, fleshy, and gets very full with excess weight.

Kibbe Body Type Test

E. Very round and fleshy. Cheeks stay round and fleshy even when thin or underweight.


For clarity’s sake, before you sum up your answers, know the following:

  • A and B are Yang (masculine.
  • D and E are Yin (feminine).
  • C is an equal mixture of Yin and Yang.

For A answers

If you got mostly A answers under Bone Structure, Body Flesh, Facial Bones and Facial Flesh, you’re a pure Dramatic. Your bone structure, flesh, and facial features are long, lean, sharp, and are on the Yang (masculine) side of the spectrum. Click here to learn to learn how to style your body type.

If you got mostly A answers under Bone Structure, with a few E or D answers under Body Flesh, Facial Bones and Facial Flesh, then you are Soft Dramatic. Your bone structure and most of your flesh or facial features are Yang (masculine) dominant, but you have some softer Yin (feminine) in your Body Flesh or Facial Bones and Flesh. Click here to see the styling principles for your body type.

For B answers

If you got mostly B answers under Bone Structure, Body Flesh, Facial Bones and Facial Flesh, you’re a Natural. Your body’s elongated, broad, and blunt and is Yang (masculine) dominant, but not as much as a Dramatic’s. While Dramatic is sharp and angular, you have a bit of softness in your features so it’s not enough to fall under Dramatic or extreme Yang. Click here to learn how to dress your body type.

If you got mostly B answers under Bone Structure, with some A answers under Body Flesh,Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh, then you are Flamboyant Natural. Your Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh are probably broad and blunt, tending towards looking muscular, but your Bone Structure is long and lean like a Dramatic. Click here to learn how to dress your body type.

If most of your answers were B, with some D or E answers, then you are Soft Natural. Your Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh tend towards the Yin (feminine) side of the spectrum, but your Bone Structure is broad, blunt, and elongated. Click here to learn how to style a Soft Natural.

For C answers

If you got mostly C answers, then you’re a pure Classic. Your Bone Structure, Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh are neither sharp nor rounded, neither short nor long. You’re in the middle of the spectrum between Yin and Yang. Click here to learn how to dress your body type.

If most of your answers were C, with a few A or B answers, then you are Dramatic Classic. Your Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Features are probably C dominant, but you have some Yang (masculine) in your Bone Structure. Click here to learn the principles of styling a Dramatic Classic.

If you got mostly C answers, with a few D or E answers, then you’re a Soft Classic. Your Bone Structure is probably C dominant, but you have a bit of Yin (feminine) in your Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh. Click here to learn the principles of styling a Soft Classic.

For E answers

If you got mostly E answers, you’re a pure Romantic. Your Bone Structure, Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh are all soft, small, rounded, and are on the Yin (feminine) side of the spectrum. Click here to learn the principles of styling a Romantic.

For D answers

  • If you got mostly D answers
  • or if most of your answers are E or D with a few A answers

…then you’re a Theatrical Romantic. Your Bone Structure, Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh aren’t as soft and rounded as a pure Romantic’s but you’re still on the Yin (feminine) side of the spectrum. Click here to learn the principles of styling a Theatrical Romantic.

Your Bone Structure, Body Flesh, Facial Bones, and Facial Flesh are mostly soft and rounded (Yin), but you have a few Yang features, probably in your Bone Structure or Facial Features.

For mixtures of A/B and D/E

If you got an even mixture of extreme opposite answers A and E, then you’re are a Gamine. To understand how exactly a Gamine figure looks like and how to style it, refer to this article: How to Style a Gamine.

If your answers have nearly an equal mixture of opposite extremes of A and E, yet you also have several B answers, then you’re a Flamboyant Gamine. Your individual features are either Yin or Yang but in general, you have a bit more angularity to your body. This article will show you how to style your body type: How to Style a Flamboyant Gamine.

If your answers have nearly an equal mixture of opposite extremes from A and E, yet you also have several extra answers in column D, then you’re a Soft Gamine. Your individual features fall on either side of the Yin or Yang spectrum, but in general, you have a bit more softness or roundness to your body, probably in your flesh. To know how to style it, refer to this guide: Soft Gamine Style Guide.

How to dress for your Kibbe type

To dress for your Kibbe type, you need to match the amount of Yin and Yang in your outfit to the amount of Yin and Yang in your body. That’s the start and end of it. And that’s what David Kibbe has made the system for— to dress with your features, not against them.

Once I found out that I’m a Flamboyant Natural, everything just made perfect sense and the only regret I had was that I didn’t learn the Kibbe system earlier.

Now that you know your Yin and Yang parts, shopping and dressing up will be a breeze.

  • these are my answers, what am I??
    (A2, B3, C5, D4, E1)

  • It seems like that only “right” answer for me at 5’9″ is dramatic. But my body is not as angular, I have a bit of a small waist compared to my bust and hips, and my face is certainly not dramatic. I think this system leaves a lot of women out, it’s very confusing. I like the Kitchener better.

  • My answers were
    1. B
    2. E
    3. C
    4. C
    5. E
    7. E
    8. D
    9. D
    10. E
    11. D
    12. E
    13. D
    14. D
    15. D

    I’m not sure what I am? Please help 🙈

  • Hii, i’m really confused between soft classic and romantic, I’m wide and curvy, but no waspish waist at all. My answers were: 5C 7E and 3D

  • I would try the lines to soft natural and Soft Dramatic. looks to me that there is wide (maybe? or you thing of them to be wide?) sharped bones overall mixed with a flavor of a softness, especially in fleshness. Considering that soft dramatics are yang bones + yin flesh I would start there to test if the Bs are really Bs, or if they are As with E’s on top.

  • I’m pretty confused- For starters there doesn’t seem to be a type that properly fits me- I got:
    1) B
    2) A
    3) A
    4) C
    5) D
    6) D
    7) D
    8) D
    9) C
    10) D
    11) E
    12) A
    13) D
    14) E
    15) C
    I don’t think I’m a theatrical romantic or soft classic, as I’m fairly tall- 5’8.

  • Can someone help me, please?
    Skeleton: 2xB 2xC
    Body Flesh: Mostly E
    Facial Bones/Flesh: 8xE 2xC 1xB

    Soft Classic, Soft Natural or Romantic?

    Would it be strange to be Romantic but with “C” shoulders, large and broad hands/feet and moderate bust line?

  • Agree with you. I got 6A, 7C, 1B, 1E. Im 6ft tall and usually by height categorized in Flamboyant Natural but I got only 1B. I see myself as Dramatic body type and Classic face, so..Dramatic Classic

  • Can someone help me? I got
    Bone structure
    2C 1D 1A
    body flesh
    2D 1A 1E
    Facial bones
    3D 1A
    Facial flesh
    1E 2C 1A

  • Can someone help me?
    I am:
    2C 1D 1A
    Body flesh
    2D 1A 1E
    Facial bones
    3D 1A
    Facial flesh
    1E 2C 1A

  • I retook it, and got a different answer.
    I have a more classic vibe to my face, but my body is different, so i only focused on bone structure and body flesh.

    Bone structure and body flesh :
    Bones- 1A, 2B, 1D
    Body flesh – 1A, 1B, 2C, 1D
    What is my body type then??

    Facial bones – 2C, 1D
    Facial flesh- 2C, 1A, 1D

  • I got 5 answers C , but 4-B and 4-D so pretty confused.. Dramatic classic or Soft classic

  • An equal amount of B and D with some E would make me….soft natural? Or do should I look at Gamines? I’m confused.

  • I’m mostly B’s for the body questions and C’s for the face questions. So what type am I if my B’s and C’s overall are even?

  • I’m a little confused on what I might be. I got 1 B, 4 C’s, 5 D’s and 5 E’s

  • All of my test results and descriptions fit clearly into the Theatrical Romantic… Except that it then specifies that a TR will *never* be tall, and Im 5’11. What category would that put me in then?

  • Thank you! Easier to understand Kibbe. I got mostly A answers. Pretty clearly dramatic. Loved the clothing advise too. I’ve been looking at clothes online training my eye before I buy. Life is too short to look mediocre!

  • I got 7C 6E and 2 D. Am I a soft classic? I noticed more E and D answers for my face. And all C for my body structure with one E.

  • Depends on which answers were on which body part.
    – Dramatic is A in all parts,
    – Soft Dramatic is A in bone structure and D/E in flesh and face,
    – Dramatic Classic is A/B in bone structure and C in flesh and face

  • Quite possible is soft classic, or theatrical romantic, or you need to rethink some questions 😉

  • Hi.I got 4E,2A,4D,4C and 1B.Which body type i am?I hope you reply my comment because i really confused about my body type right now.?

  • hey, just wondering, would it make me a soft classic or a romantic if i got 8 e answers and 7 c answers?

  • I don’t know which one I am, because like mine gave six letter “a”, two letters “b”, five letters “c”, none d and only one letter “e”. So logically I would be a “dramatic” but I don’t know if I’m “soft dramatic”, “dramatic” or a “dramatic classic” ???

  • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’ve got a pretty good mix of C, D, E answers across all the categories, which makes me think Soft Classic except for my facial structure, which 1) I have a hard time being objective with and can’t always decide on what the right answer is, and 2) would put me more toward a Natural as best as I can tell, because it is not symmetrical at all. but the proportions are all off for a softer/romantic type. So… maybe somewhere between a Soft Classic and a Soft Natural? But how do I translate that to the clothes and jewelry I pick?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all afford a personal stylist?

  • Well, thanks for that. I’m more confused than ever.

    I’ll go with soft gamine, but I’m much taller than petite: five As, four Es, three D’s and the rest C’s.

    I’d say my personality is gamine, but my body wants romantic. My hips are very curvy, but I have thin lips. You could describe me as a pear, and that would be correct.Ibthink this system does not account for height being much taller than in the 1980s.

  • Even though there are test that present photo examples to make the questions easier to understand I often can’t tell what exactly it is within the features are being compared due to the different angles in which the photo examples are taken or adjectives used to describe a feature (symmetrical for example) as if to imply that the body parts of the other examples are asemetrical or uneven. It becomes frustrating how incomprehensible the descriptions are when you try to imagine them or to recall specific definitions you crammed into your head prior to taking the test. The short summaries, explanations and high-lighting/accentuating the key features asked helped immensely. This was the first time i had been sure of my answers and confident of my results. Thank you!

  • You sound more like a flamboyant gamine with the mixture of opposites you described but test with clothes see what styles you gravitate to and get complimented on then compare with clothes for body types this worked for me try it.

  • Could be either test with clothes and hairstyles see which one you like yourself in more dramatic classic or classic

  • Could be soft natural a theatrical romantic will have some A answers but test it wear soft clothes with romantic details and soft curls hair if you like how you look you are more romantic if you feel like you want to tone it down you may be more soft natural you have to try to be objective

  • I’m not sure which body type I am. I’m either theatrical romantic or soft natural.
    1)d 2)d 3)c 4)e 5)d 6)b 7)b 8)b 9)c 10)e 11)b 12)c 13)d 14)e 15)e

    a:0 b:4 c:3 d:4 e:4

  • I’m new to this system, and a little confused.
    skeleton: All C
    Flesh: 1B, 2B, 3C, 4C, 5C
    Facial bones: All C
    Facial flesh: 1C, 2E, 3C
    Am I a classic or dramatic classic?

  • I’m having trouble fitting into these. I’ve tested as both a Soft Classic and a Theatrical Romantic.
    Question 3 is very difficult for me as I have narrow arms but thick thighs. Both my arms and legs are very long and fairly muscular, but i have more definition in my arms, and more bulk in my legs. When i put on weight, it tends to go on my hips and thighs. I put on muscle fairly easily, and my weight fluctuates a lot. I’m 5’9 and that’s mostly leg. I have a very short torso.

    Here are the rest of my answers:
    1b, 2d, 3 a/b, 4a, 5d,6c,7e,8d,9b,10e,11e,12c,13d,14c,15c
    So my skeleton is either A or B depending on the limbs thing, body flesh is D, face bones are E and face flesh is C.

  • Hey! I was wondering if someone could help me.
    I’m 163cm/164cm//5’3”/5’4”.
    The ones I was a but unsure I put C.

    Here it is:


    1. B
    2. D
    3. B
    4. A

    — 1A 2B 1D

    Body Flesh:

    5. B/C
    6. B/C
    7. C
    8. C
    9. C?

    — 2B 5C

    Facial Features:

    10. C
    11. B
    12. D

    — 1B 1C 1D

    Facial Flesh:

    13. Idk… Not A for sure
    14. D
    15. C/D

    — 1C 2D


    1A 5B 7C 4D 0E

    THANK YOU!! <3

  • so for skeleton I got all As and then it just starts getting messy after that. For body flesh I got DCDD, and then for facial structure I got BBEECDB. In total I got 4 As, 3 Bs, 2 Cs, 4 Ds, and 2 Es. I am very confused and if someone could help me that would be great.

  • Someone please help me out. I am wondering if I came to the correct conclusion with my results. I have:
    Skeleton (mostly A)
    1. B (vertical line)
    2. E (shoulders)
    3. A (arms & legs)
    4. A (hands & feet)
    Body Flesh (mostly E)
    5. E (overall body shape)
    6. E (bustline)
    7. E (waistline)
    8. C (hipline – I have slightly bigger hips than busy but visually, they look even)
    9. D (upper arms & legs – I struggled with this one because I naturally have slight muscular upper arms but I’ve always had fleshy thighs although I’m slim)
    Facial Bones (mostly E answers)
    10. E (jawline)
    11. E (nose – it was hard to choose between B and E because I have a slightly wide nose from the front but it is very straight from the side with a slightly rounded tip)
    12. C (cheekbones – hard to answer because my cheekbones are prominent; A, when I look in the mirror but in pictures not so much; looks a lot like the C example in pictures)
    Facial Flesh (a weird mix)
    13. C (eyes – a hard question for me as well. My eyes look large in some photos and narrow in others. They are moderately to wide spaced hence why I thought C)
    14. E (lips – also a hard choice for me to choose between D and E. I have full lips with a smaller top lip but in some photos my lips look like D and in some they look more like E)
    15. D (cheeks – slightly hard to answer. I’ve always had “chubby” cheeks but they hollow out a bit if I lose a few pounds but if I gain a few pounds, its pretty evident in my cheeks)
    From these, I came to the conclusion that I’m Theatrical Romantic but I’m not really sure. Thank you for reading such a long comment and I’d be grateful for any help 🙂

  • B:4 ; C:5 ; D:2 ; E:3
    I’m thinking I may be a classic? What do y’all think??

  • I just commented before, but here’s my line up:
    Skeleton: Dramatic Classic Answers: C, C, D, B
    Body Flesh: Theatrical Romantic Answers: D, C, D, D, B
    Face Bones: Theatrical Romantic Answers: D, D, D
    Face Flesh: Theatrical Romantic Answers C, D, D,
    Can anyone make sense out of these?

  • I got 8D, 4C, and 2B. The b’s are from my hands and feet and natural body muscle. I am just so darned confused!

  • These results are so hard to understand 🙁
    A – 1, B – 5, C – 1, D – 1, E – 7

  • Well, the test result says Dramatic Classic, while my face especially is far from classic 🙁 My skeleton is pure Classic (4cs); body flesh 2bs, 1c, 1e; facial bones 2bs, 1c; facial flesh 3d. It’s like my body is mostly Classic with some Natural in it, and my face quite an even mix of Natural and Romantic. From the descriptions I see myself best as an SN. But what about my classic skeleton? I’m very average height and lenghts, only slightly wide. Also, I’m a little skeptical about clustering Natural together with Dramatic in Dramatic Classic type (A and B answers). The styling advice for Dramatics and Naturals is very different – I don’t have any of that sharp angularity in me, so Dramatic Classic look doesn’t make much sense to me. Am I not more of a Natural Classic, with a hint of Romantic? Or something between a Classic and a Soft Natural? Does it matter that my body is more balanced and blended and my face more contrasted and mixed – how should this affect my styling? E.g. should I dress more Classic away from the face and more SN in necklines/hairstyles/makeup? I will appreciate any thoughts 🙂

  • Sounds like classic with romantic undercurrent to me. So perhaps soft classic due to a combined 5 d/e versus 3 a/b answers

  • My mom has a similar mixture but with the D’s and e’s opposite from yours. I found it helpful to click the style guides for various body types and looked at the do’s and don’ts to find what complements her general shape best. She looks her best in Soft Natural styles even though she is 5ft short (supposedly too short from my understanding) and B’s aren’t primary.
    Remember, all types are beautiful in their own unique way and your body is beautiful regardless of type ?

  • 1 a, 3 b’s, 3 c’s, 3 d’s, and 6 e’s … I have no idea what my type is lol