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This guide was specifically written for plus size women who prefer modest swimsuits over the regular ones. To make sure that each recommendation is flattering to all plus size body types, I’ve indicated in my recommendations the suitable body type/s that can wear them. Enjoy this guide on how to choose the best modest swimsuits for plus size women.

What defines a modest swimsuit?

The definition of a modest swimsuit could vary depending on your religion, country, and culture. But in this article, I’m gonna create my own definition of “modest swimsuit” and you decide whether these fit your own.

I’ve based all these criteria to what most plus size women typically consider as modest.

  • Full booty coverage, no cheeky bikini bottoms.
  • Modest breasts coverage with little to moderate plunging neckline.
  • The groin area is fully covered as much as possible.
  • A portion or the entire tummy is covered.

Since most plus size women struggle with belly fats, the recommended swimsuits below all have attached tummy control panels to camouflage your tummy fats and slim down your waist.

So if these criteria are similar to yours, read on. Here’s a list of the best modest swimsuits for plus size women per body type. Let’s start with the one-pieces.

Delimera Zip Front One Piece

modest one piece for plus size women
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For body types: rectangle, apple, hourglass, diamond, and pear.

Note: This one piece has a really covered groin area.

At first glance, this looks just like a plain black one piece. But if you look closer, this one piece features ruchings in the midsection which aren’t just there for aesthetic purposes.

They were crafted to camouflage your tummy fats and make your waist look slimmer. If your definition of a perfect modest swimsuit is a combination of minimalist design + slimming effect, then look no farther.

Fringe Bandeau One Piece

For body types: pear, rectangle, diamond, hourglass, and apple.

If you’re a pear, rectangle or diamond and have small to average breasts, the frills of this one piece are perfect at enhancing your bust.

If you’re an hourglass or an apple and you have full breasts, you might need to wear its removable halter straps for extra support.

Overall, this one piece is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a classy and modest one piece. It playfully shows off the shoulders for interest but keeps your behind covered.

Reviews of this gorgeous piece say that it’s very forgiving in the tummy area. So if you’re an apple and your tummy is your problem area, consider it solved.

Carnival Cutout Underwire One Piece

Looks best on body types: inverted triangle, apple, rectangle, and hourglass.

This one piece is perfect for body types that have little to no contrast between the waist and hips. Because its pattern mimics an hourglass shape, it creates the illusion of a slimmer waist and wider hips.

Note: Check the size chart for this one piece. Some customers wrote that they had to go a size up for their breasts to fit.

Mesh High Neck One Piece

Looks best on body types: pear, rectangle, diamond, hourglass, and apple.

This mesh one piece is the perfect choice if you don’t want to show your cleavage but still want to sculpt and highlight your shoulders.

The V-neck highlight will bring emphasis to the shoulders of a pear body while slim down the shoulders of an apple and rectangle body.

Moreover, its tummy control panel will camouflage the tummy and hip fats of a diamond-shaped body.

Featuring a keyhole design at the back, this one piece is proof that you can always look sexy without having to show the parts that you aren’t comfortable exposing in public.

Paperwhite Sarong Front One Piece

Looks best on body types: inverted triangle, apple, rectangle, hourglass.

At first glance, this looks just like a tankini. But wait until you see the sides and discover that it’s actually a one piece.

It does show a little cleavage but it’s definitely not a plunging neckline so busty body types like inverted triangle, apple, and hourglass can rely for support.

For ladies who have little waist definition (rectangle, apple, and inverted triangle) this one piece will slim down your waist by featuring a silhouette and pattern that hugs at the waist but expands at the hips to accentuate both body parts. Overall, this one piece is a winner for the right body type.

Dearlove V-Neck Mesh One Piece

crochet and modest bathing suit for plus size women
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Looks good on: all body shapes.

Featuring a crisscross cutout and a high neckline, this one piece is a great choice for busty ladies (hourglass, apple, and inverted triangle) who want to keep their breasts secure but not by sacrificing the sexiness. It does expose some skin but not the cleavage.

The hourglass cutout at the waist will ensure that your waist curve is accentuated especially if your body type has little waist definition (inverted triangle, apple, and rectangle).

Now let’s talk about tankinis and swim dresses.

Tankinis and swim dresses are perfect if:

  • If you have difficulties finding the perfect one piece that fits your long-torsoed body, tankinis are perfect for you no matter your body type.
  • And if you want to get a little creative and veer off from the usual one piece attire, you definitely should give tankinis a try.

Fringed & Ruched Bandeau Tankini with Skirt

Looks good on: all body shapes

If you want to show off your legs but keep it loose and modest for your booty, this fringed tankini and swim skirt is the right piece for you.

Do you have cellulite that you aren’t comfortable exposing? Consider the problem solved as these fringes will distract the eyes from focusing on them by taking all the attention.

The same applies to the fringes at the top. They capture the attention and distract the eyes from focusing on your tummy fats. Not to mention that they also enhance the bust for small-breasted body types (rectangle, pear, and diamond).

A-line and peplum swimsuits

plus size a-line swim skirts
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peplum tankini for plus size women
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Looks good on: all body types

A-line and peplum are the most versatile swimsuit designs as they mimic an hourglass shape. And everything that mimics an hourglass shape will always look good on any body type.

a-line plus size swim skirt
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They hug the waist (making it slimmer), and flare at the hips (making them wider), creating a noticeable contrast between the waist and hips.

If tummy fat is your problem but you hate tummy control panels, consider it solved by wearing A-line swim dresses and/ or peplum tankinis.

Black Crochet High Neck Tankini

Looks good on: all body types but especially on pear and diamond body type.

This tankini is flattering on any body type but looks best on a plus size pear and diamond. Having a pear or a diamond body type, you have narrow shoulders but noticeably wider hips.

If you want to bring some of the emphasis to your shoulders and slim down your hips, wearing an embellished top will work wonderfully to your advantage.

The crochet detail will highlight your shoulders while camouflage your hips, bringing balance to your overall proportion.

Flowy V-neck Tankini

Looks good on: inverted triangle, rectangle, apple, and hourglass.

Plunging necklines like V and U neck are excellent at visually elongating your torso and arms. The more elongated your body looks, the slimmer your overall figure appears.

For figures who tend to have broad and/ or angular shoulders (apple, inverted triangle, and rectangle), V-neck tankinis are a popular choice.

And if you have a large bust, this particular tankini doesn’t go too deep that it’s capable of supporting large-chested women.

Moreover, its midsection doesn’t cling too much, creating that subtle hourglass effect that enhances your curves.

High waisted bikinis with tummy control

Looks good on:

1. long-torsoed bodies regardless of shape.
2. curvy body types like hourglass, diamond, and pear.

If you want a sexier version of one piece but more modest than regular bikinis, give high-waisted bikinis a try.

When shopping, look for one with an attached tummy control panel. It will tuck in your tummy and shape your waist.

Unfortunately, high waisted bikinis aren’t for everyone. They tend to shorten your torso which, in turn, makes your arms shorter and bulkier. And if you don’t have well-defined waist and hips, they tend to make your figure look straight.

If you’re long-torsoed or curvy though (like pear, hourglass, or diamond), you can pull off the look just fine since high waisted bikinis will enhance you in the right places.

This particular high waisted bikini, for instance, will look great on a pear body type. With its plain, black bottom, it downplays the bulk of the hips and enhances the shoulders.

Handkerchief top with high waist bottom

modest handkerchief bikini for plus size women
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Looks good on: all body types.

Handkerchief tops look flattering on any body type. With a flowy fabric and a sloping diagonal cut at the midsection, it creates the illusion of a slimmer tummy.

Pair it with a high waisted full coverage bottom and what you’ll get is a sexy but modest pair of bikini. This is a perfect choice if you want to look sexy without having to wear skimpy bikinis.

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