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This post for women who have plus size inverted triangle body and want to slim down your shoulders, enhance your hips, and accentuate your waist curve. Here’s how to choose the best swimsuits for a plus size inverted triangle body.

You have a plus size inverted triangle body if your body has the following characteristics.

  • your hips are noticeably narrower than your shoulders
  • your shoulders are wide and broad where you gain the most fat
  • you have full breasts
  • and your booty is either flattish or average
  • you tend to have long legs though

If you’re a plus size inverted triangle, here are your likely goals when looking for a swimsuit:

  • visually widen your hips
  • slim down your shoulders
  • accentuate your waist curve to create an hourglass silhouette
  • enhance your booty

Therefore, the drama should be happening at your hips while keeping it minimal with your shoulders. This will help you balance your proportion and create a more feminine look. Here’s a curated list of the best swimsuits for a plus size inverted triangle body.

Striped bikinis

When wearing a striped swimsuit, remember this: the top should either be a vertical or diagonal stripe while the bottom should always be horizontal.

Vertical line is elongating while diagonal line is slimming. These lines are perfect for downplaying the width of your shoulders.

Horizontal line, on the other hand, creates the opposite effect and makes you appear wider. Therefore, it’s perfect on your hips but not on your upper body.

Printed bottom, solid top

Plain dark colors are slimming and draw less attention. Wear plain dark colors at the top and reserve the drama and details for your hips. You want your hips to pop and your shoulders to slim down.

Does this mean you can’t wear a printed bikini top at all?

You sure can. But you have to remember one rule: Your bikini bottom should always outshine your top. It will help balance out your figure.

But how exactly do you make your bikini bottom stand out over your bikini top?

Here’s how: Wear swimsuits with extra embellishments at the hips. They help enhance your hips and make them appear wider than they are. These designs should do the trick:

String bikini bottoms

The tie side strings at the hips create the illusion of a wider set of hips. It also helps if it’s a triangle bottom as it exposes the widest part of the hips. Other bikini embellishments you might wanna wear are ruffles, ruchings, and frills.

Peplum and handkerchief swimsuits

Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Inverted Triangle Body
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Peplum and handkerchief swimsuits hug the waist and flare at the hips creating an hourglass silhouette regardless of your actual shape. They also provide enough breathing room for your tummy.

So if you aren’t comfortable with swimsuits that have tummy control panels in them, then peplum and handkerchief styles are your best bet.

Plunging necklines

Swimsuits with deep plunging necklines create the illusion of a narrower torso. They also elongate the arms thus slimming them down. Any woman who wants to create a slimming effect for their shoulders can never go wrong with the good old plunging neckline swimsuits.

Note: When choosing a swimsuit with deep plunging necklines, do take into consideration the support it could offer for your ample breasts.

If you’re busty, which you probably are, opt for designs with extra support in the middle. This V-neck one piece, for example, features a crisscross that features the neckline but doesn’t fall short in support, either.

V-neck + ruched at the bottom

Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Inverted Triangle Body
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V neckline tones down your shoulders and arms. And since the ruching here is horizontal, it enhances the hips. Diagonal at the top to slim down, and horizontal at the bottom to widen.

A-line swimdresses

Whoever said that swimdresses are boring just don’t know how to look for the right style.

Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Inverted Triangle Body
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A-line swimdresses are perfect for plus size inverted triangle bodies since they accentuate the waist and make it appear slimmer. Additionally, they also widen the hips by flaring at the bottom. Thus, creating a flattering contrast between waist and hips.

Scrunch cheeky bikini

best plus size swimsuits based on body shape
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Scrunched bikini bottoms are perfect in enhancing the booty. It creates the illusion of toned glute muscle which is just what an inverted triangle needs. For a more daring look, feel free to show a little cheek.

Here’s a guide on how to wear cheeky bikini bottoms: How to Wear Cheeky Bikini Bottoms.

What to avoid

  • Avoid dark colored, high waisted bikinis unless they feature extra details at the hips (like ruffles, tie side, frills, etc.). They’ll only make your hips appear narrower and your shoulders wider.
  • Avoid wearing horizontal stripes as your top but wear them as your bottom. Horizontal line is widening.
  • Avoid wearing vertical and diagonal stripes as your bottom but wear them as your top. Vertical and diagonal lines are slimming.

Shopping tips for an inverted triangle woman

  • Like a pear body shape, an inverted triangle woman should be safer buying her bikini top and bottom separately.
  • When shopping for a one piece, always the exact measurement of the bust, waist, and hips to make sure you aren’t wasting money on a swimsuit that fits on your bust but too wide for your hips or vice versa.
  • If you really must buy a one piece or a bikini set in the same size, only buy one with fabric that’s stretchable enough to accommodate both your shoulders and hips. Avoid 100% polyester as they’re hardly stretchable. Look for at least 70% nylon or spandex and you should be safe.

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