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This post is for you if you wanna learn how to choose the best swimsuits for a plus size hourglass body type. First, I’ll discuss the likely problem areas of a plus size hourglass, then proceed with the swimsuit designs that’ll address those problems.

best swimsuits for plus size hourglass body

First, let’s define what makes you a plus size hourglass. You’re a plus size hourglass if your body meets the following characteristics:

  • You have large breasts.
  • You have wide and well-defined hips.
  • Your bust and hips share the same width.
  • Despite a weight gain, your waist is still well-defined.
  • You gain the most fats on your hips and bust.

If you’re a plus size hourglass, consider yourself lucky. Compared to other plus size body shapes, you have a lot of swimsuit designs to choose from which will all flatter your plus size hourglass figure.

Due to the harmoniously balanced proportion between your shoulders, waist, and hips, your shape is versatile. Finding a flattering swimsuit will require less effort on your part.

There are, however, few problem areas that you might wanna address like your tummy fats and small inconveniences that come with having large breasts and booty. But overall, you’re good. Here are the best swimsuits for a plus size hourglass body.

How to camouflage your tummy fats

While it’s true that plus size hourglass has a slimmer waist and tummy compared to other plus size body types, a fat gain could still emphasize your tummy fats if you aren’t mindful of what you wear.

Plus size hourglass does have tummy fats but due to its inherent shape, the waist tends to remain slim and defined. This means you’ll still see a little tummy bulge but it’s nothing that a simple camouflaging technique can’t fix.

To camouflage your tummy fats, take note of the following designs:

Swimsuits with tummy control panel

tummy control panel for plus size hourglass
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Tummy control panels are just like corsets. They suck in the tummy fats and shape your waist. The only difference between a tummy control and a corset is the comfort.

While corsets are usually restricting, tummy control panels are extremely lightweight. You can barely feel it’s there while swimming.

I’ve compiled a list of the best tummy control swimsuits here.

Cutouts that mimic an hourglass shape

Hourglass cutouts mimic a slim waist, therefore, creating the illusion of an even more defined waist and camouflaged tummy fats.

The cutout could be a mesh fabric or a completely bare portion that exposes your slim waist. Like this:

You can also play with hourglass patterns made of patterns and stripes.

Swimsuits that hug the waist and flare at the hips

If one piece isn’t your cup of tea, go for peplum tankinis or A-line swim skirts. They create a flattering contrast between your waist and hips by hugging your waist then flaring at your hips.

flattering tankinis for plus size hourglass
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In fact, A-line and peplum styles look flattering on any body type because of their ideal hourglass figure. So if you’re not sure what to wear, know that you can never go wrong with peplum and A-line swimsuits.

swim dresses for plus size hourglass
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Diagonal stripes across your tummy area

Diagonal stripes are attention-drawing. They distract the eye from focusing on the tummy, thus camouflaging your tummy fats in the process.

You can also wear diagonal stripes in any body parts that you wish to camouflage like the hips and booty.

How to have longer legs

If your goal is to make your legs appear longer than they are, wear high-leg cut swimsuits. They expose more of your legs not only making them look longer but also accentuating your booty since they expose the widest part of your hips.

NOTE: High leg cut swimsuits are perfect if you don’t mind showing more booty cheek than the regular bikinis. They might not be for you though if you prefer modest designs since high cut swimsuits all have cheeky rear coverage.

How to have slender arms

If you want to slim down your arms, opt for deep plunging V or U neck swimsuits. Because they plunge deeper than regular swimsuits, they trick the eyes and create the illusion of longer arms. The longer your arms appear, the more slender it looks.

It also helps if the neckline includes embellishments (in this example: a crisscross) as it keeps the attention in the middle— away from your arms and amplifying the slimming effect even more.

How to secure the bust of a plus size hourglass

As a plus size hourglass, you’re likely to have large breasts. So much so that you can’t just wear any bikini tops even if they look flattering on you.

best swimsuits for plus size hourglass
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If you expect to move a lot in the water, a good quality underwired bikini top is your best bet for support.

Underwired bikini tops also lift the breasts. They make your breasts look more supple and keep them from sagging which is a usual issue for large-breasted women.

If you hate underwires, go for sports bras

Some sports bra aren’t just for workouts. Depending on the design, they can pass as swimsuit tops. The good thing is, they never disappoint when it comes to support.

Sporty tops and racer backs are excellent at this. Not only are they supportive but are also super comfortable without the metal underneath.

Besides, their fabrics are made to withstand salt and sweat as well as support your bust through extreme and constant movement.

Can you ever wear bikini tops with flimsy strings?

Sure you can. But only when you’re just lounging around the pool or tanning at the beach. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them when you want to enjoy a long good swim without having to adjust your top every 5 minutes.

How to camouflage your hip fats

If your hip fats look too pronounced for your liking, go for solid, dark colored bottoms. Dark colors, especially black, are slimming.

If you want to amplify the effect, wear a printed top to keep the attention to your upper body, further camouflaging your hips and buttocks fats.

How to look taller (for petite plus size hourglass)

Petite women tend to look shorter if they’re not mindful of the prints and designs they wear. If you want to appear taller in your swimsuit, opt for either horizontal or diagonal stripes.

Horizontal stripes are visually elongating, hence creating the illusion that you’re taller than your actual figure.

On the other hand, diagonal stripes are perfect for slimming down your overall figure. They distract the eyes from focusing on your width. This way, you appear slimmer. The slimmer you appear, the taller you look.

Swimsuits that plus size hourglass should avoid

Horizontal stripes

If looking slimmer is part of your goal, avoid swimsuits with horizontal stripes (especially the ones with narrow stripes). They’ll make you appear wider which is the opposite of the effect of vertical and diagonal stripes.

Thick padded bras

When choosing a push-up bikini top, choose the ones with thin padding. They’re specially built for large-breasted women and they won’t weigh you down when swimming.

Too much embellishments at the hips

Sure, you can wear bikini bottoms with tie side details at the hips. But anything more embellished than that should be avoided. You wanna be careful when buying ruffled bikini bottoms.

When you have too much ruffles on your hips, it can make your hips disproportionately bigger than your overall figure.

Of course you can ignore this if you wanna go for a Kim Kardashian look.

Fun facts about hourglass body types

  • Not all hourglass remains an hourglass. Some women, when they gain weight, can turn into an apple or rectangle shape.
  • Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Ashley Graham are known for their hourglass figures.
  • Research found that, of all body shapes, majority of men find hourglass to be the most attractive. It could be because large breasts and well-defined hips subconsciously signal fertility to a male’s brain.
  • There’s a reason why most plus size models, if not all, are hourglass shaped. It’s versatile and therefore very easy to style. Most of all, it’s the most photogenic figure to look at the camera. If you’re one, consider yourself lucky.

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