Being soft, luscious, and rounded all over, Romantic’s answers to the Kibbe body type test are mostly E which means her Skeleton (shoulders, limbs, vertical line), Body Flesh (bust, waist, hips), and Facial Features (jawline, nose, cheekbones, lips, eyes, cheeks) are extreme Yin-dominant (feminine) with very, very little to no trace of Yang (masculine). If you’re a Romantic, here’s how to dress a Romantic body type.

Romantic Kibbe Body Type Style Guide
Romantic Kibbe Body Type Style Guide

What makes a Romantic body type?

In a nutshell, a Romantic body type consists of extreme, soft Yin body parts. To understand how Yin looks like, you have to understand it’s opposite– the Yang. This article should give you visual examples: Yin vs Yang Examples of Kibbe Body Types.

Note: The following descriptions are merely general outlines and not meant to 100% describe a Romantic down to her very last detail. That would be impossible for two Romantics could look different from each other.

A slight deviation from these descriptions is always possible and should not be worried over as long as the overall outline meets the balance of a Romantic (extreme soft Yin Skeleton, Body Flesh, and Facial Features).

Skeleton (bone structure):

  • height: moderate to petite, usually 5’6″ and under.
  • rounded or sloped shoulders
  • usually to the wide side
  • delicate and smallish
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Body flesh (bust, waist, hips, thighs, upper arms):

  • fleshy arms and legs (even if fairly lean)
  • soft and voluptuous
  • hourglass figure

Facial features (facial flesh and bones):

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  • small and delicate facial bones
  • may be slightly wide or lush nose, cheekbones, or jawline
  • large, luminous eyes
  • rounded features
  • fleshy cheeks
  • full lips

When overweight, a Romantic’s body only gets more rounded while her face gets very full.

A Romantic will NOT have:

  • an extremely tall figure (more than 6 inches)
  • a prominent nose or angular chin
  • angular or sharp facial features
  • have a straight or boyish figure
  • have a large bone structure
  • be symmetrical

Unsure of your body type? Click here to take the Kibbe test with pictures and examples.

Kibbe-verified Romantic celebrities

  • Beyonce
  • Madonna
  • Delta Burke
  • Kate Winslet
  • Jessica Lange
  • Christina Ricci
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Bernadette Peters
  • Helena Bonham Carter

How to dress a Romantic body type

As with other Kibbe types, a Romantic needs to follow her own line. Meaning, your ultimate goal is to create an outfit that underlines/ highlights your Yin roundness and softness above all else. The following tips will help you do just that. Here’s how to dress a Romantic Kibbe body type.

1. Always go for rounded shapes and soft edges.

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Being in the extreme Yin of the spectrum, you can never go wrong with soft and rounded shapes– circles, swirls, and intricate flowing shapes will look magnificent on you whether it’s hairstyle, clothing, accessories, or shoes. They’ll always complement your delicate and dainty bone structure. In fact, this is the most important guide when dressing a Romantic.

Naturally, this also means you should avoid Yang shapes– all straight lines, sharp edges, geometrics. Try as you might, they will never contribute to your extreme Yin figure and will instead work against it.

2. Waist emphasis is a must!

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Having a small and dainty bone structure, it’s a bad idea to wear pieces that are boxy and stiff with barely a waist emphasis in them. While a Dramatic (extreme Yang) can seamlessly rock a boxy, loose-fitting ensemble devoid of waist emphasis, a Romantic just can’t. You’d be mercilessly buried by it. Whatever you wear, make it a point to always (always!) highlight your hourglass figure, your curves, and your roundness.

To do this, look for outfits with soft and flowing silhouettes. They do a great job of showcasing the lush curves of your body. The fabric also needs to be lightweight so that it drapes easily and doesn’t bury your delicate figure. This dress of Marilyn Monroe is a perfect example.

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And fret not, while some Kibbe types might look off or even inappropriate in some figure-hugging and cleavage-emphasizing outfits, you, as a Romantic, will look powerful in them and rock them like no other body type could.

3. Don’t shy away from ornateness.

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Outfits that are ornate or decorated with intricate shapes and complex patterns best match a Romantic figure. While other Kibbe types might run the risk of looking like overkill (Christmas tree) in them, you’ll look nothing short of magnificent and breathtaking.

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That said, know that you can never go wrong with peplum, gathers, and bouffants. The more intricate and antique-looking your details are, the better. If you must, draw inspiration from the Palace of Versailles with its ornate extravagance.

4. Short suits you.

Long is Yang, short is Yin. Therefore, if length is the only criterion, a Romantic would look better in short outfits than long ones. This is because short outfits tend to show and highlight the small and delicate bone structure of a Romantic, hence following her own line.

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Note: This doesn’t mean you should avoid long outfits and only wear short ones. Length is only one of the many factors. As indicated in the previous examples, a Romantic could look as stunning in long dresses as much as in short ones.

Remember that there are other factors at play (silhouette, fit, details) which are just as important or even more important (shape) than length when styling a Romantic.

5. Choose thin straps over thick ones.

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Whether you’re choosing a sleeveless top or a pair of strap shoes, always opt for ones with thin straps. Thin straps will complement your small and dainty bones better than thick ones ever will. Again, just like the length of your outfit, this is not an absolute rule and you can bend/ break this guideline depending on the overall look of your outfit.

What Romantic should avoid

Knowing what to avoid is as crucial as knowing what to wear. Hence the following guidelines:

  • straight lines, sharp edges, and geometrics
  • severe and angular silhouettes
  • vertical lines that hide the waist
  • unconstructed, boxy clothing (they’ll hide your curves)
  • stiff, heavyweight fabrics
  • rough textures
  • extreme matte-finished fabric/ makeup (instead, opt for some shimmer if you can)
  • heavy, oversized, chunky, angular shoes and accessories
  • straight skirts and dresses (Instead, opt for tulip-shaped ones that hug your figure)

In short, avoid anything that hides or go against your delicate and dainty bones. Your ultimate goal as Romantic is to match your extreme Yin.

When a Romantic doesn’t wear her lines

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Here, we have Christina Ricci wearing a bodycon dress with a sleek, straight hairstyle, and a pointed pair of pump shoes. Compared to the previous examples, I’m sure you would agree that this outfit is not her personal best. Here’s why:

  • While her dress hugs her waist (as an ideal Romantic dress would), it’s quite loose at the hemline which gives the dress a chunky appearance. It would look better if the loose part were cut off or if the dress were shorter.
  • The dress doesn’t hug her figure in a flattering way. It’s possible that the fabric may be too heavy and thick for her bones. (As a Romantic, you wanna look for lightweight fabrics so as not to drown your delicate bone structure.)
  • The hairstyle is just not giving her face any justice. It’s sleek and straight, qualities that perfectly suit a Dramatic face (extreme Yang) but lie lifeless on a lush and luscious Romantic face.
  • She could use a more rounded handbag and pair of shoes.
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  • With this ensemble, her hairstyle looks more okay than her previous hairstyle as it’s thicker and more rounded at the bangs. Her shoes are also rounded which is great.
  • Unfortunately, her dress is too minimal, matte, and bare for a Romantic. Add to that the angular and stiff-looking fabric which only drowns her waist and small bones. Overall, this is not an outfit fit for a Romantic.

Romantic Shopping Guide

Need a shopping guide? In this article is a pure Romantic’s shopping guide for every piece of clothing–tops, pants, skirts, outerwear, as well as accessories, hair, and makeup.

Note when styling a Romantic

  • Know that clothes alone do NOT have a Kibbe type. Therefore, avoid Kibbe-typing a piece of clothing based on its appearance when unworn or worn by other women other than yourself.
  • Just because an outfit looks great on a Romantic doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look great on other body types and vice versa. For example, contrary to popular belief, bodycon dresses aren’t only exclusive to Romantics. Any body type can actually wear a bodycon dress and look great. They would just look different from one another but with the right detail and customization, any Kibbe type can pull it off.
  • Meaning, don’t be scared to explore and experiment. The system was made not to box you in but to liberate you so you can present your unique expression to the world.
  • As with dressing other body types, do not focus on each piece of the outfit. Instead, focus mainly on the overall feel and look of the outfit. For a Romantic, it’s being mainly rounded, soft, and ornate.

What now?

As you may have noticed, the examples in this article are mostly dresses of celebrities in the spotlight. But in the months to come, I’ll be publishing examples of casual outfits and ready-to-wears for Romantics so stay tuned!

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