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The one thing you need to remember when shopping for the best chlorine resistant swimsuit is this: Look for a bathing suit that contains at least 70 to 80% of PBT or polyester fabric. Polyester is the strongest of all fabrics that it could withstand the assault of chlorine and saltwater 3 times better than its rival fabrics like spandex and nylon.

It’s also the most colorfast that it retains its original color longer up to a year when used a couple of times a week. And when it comes to retaining its shape, polyester does a the best job, thanks to its stable property being a synthetic fiber.

And if your skin doesn’t feel comfortable with 100% polyester, manufacturers have a way to get around that problem: they blend the polyester with other fabrics like nylon or spandex. This way, you can benefit from the strength of polyester but still retain the comfort and stretchability of either spandex or nylon.

That doesn’t mean polyester can’t stretch. It can. But if you find pure polyester uncomfortable, try a swimsuit with some nylon or spandex blended to it. I’ll include the fabric percentage in each of my recommendation below.

My recommendations will be a mix of either mixed fabric or 100% polyester. I’ve also divided my recommendations into 2 sizing sections.

For regular size women: size S- L

1. Speedo LT Super Pro Swimsuit

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Chlorine resistance: Made of 50% polyester and 50% PBT, this Speedo swimsuit is perfect for movement in the pool. PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate), which is a type of improved polyester, has a natural stretch similar to Lycra making it perfect for sports wear and swimsuits as it resists chlorine like no other fabric can.

Comfort: It features a large, wide straps for support and comfor, and compression for increased performance and faster recovery after use.

Breast support: This has no bra padding so this isn’t ideal for breasts above cup C.

2. Baleaf Racerback Training One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex which ensures both chlorine resistance and stretchability. As most customers wrote, the fabric is sturdy and thick and not super flimsy like a lot of cheap swimsuits.

Design: This one piece’s low leg cut and full rear coverage is perfect if you’re looking for modest and comfortable outfit in the pool. Its minimalist style features a racer back style which allows full range of arm motion and wide straps that offer enough support and comfort without the need of adjusting it from time to time.

Bust coverage: This may not be for you if your bust size is above DD. DD and below will do just fine though.

3. MarinaVida Ruffled Racerback Set

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Fabric: 82% polyester and 18% spandex combines chlorine resistance and flexibility for movement.

Design: If you’re a small-breasted woman, you’ll gain extra bust volume with this swimsuit’s ruffled top. It diagonal cut also does a good job of slimming you down.

Bust and tummy support: The removable bra padding offers great support and enhance your shape. And if you have a tummy that you want to camouflage, consider it done with its high waisted bottom.

4. Krinkle Chlorine Resistant Twist Front Tank

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: Scour Amazon reviews and you’ll notice that all Krinkle swimsuits have one thing in common: they’re all highly resistant to chlorine and they can last for years. Not just because of the fact that it’s made of 100% polyester for water sports but because of the women who have tried and tested its durability.

The fabric is also quite figure-hugging and slimming. So you sure can bet that you won’t only get the benefit of a good quality swimsuit but also look good in them.

Comfort and breast support: This can support any cup size. As one customer wrote, she does water aerobics with this suit and she just loves how the top wraps over her breasts.

5. Beautyin Slimming Cross Back One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: Made with 82% polyester and 18% spandex. If you’re looking for a swimsuit that isn’t as expensive as the high-end brands like Speedo but offers a decently quality for the price, you might wanna give this bathing suit a try.

Design: This comes with a tummy control, crisscross back for easy arm movement in the water, and adjustable straps for customized fitting. Feel free to choose from the 9 different colors and patterns, all adorned with diagonal lines for a slimming effect.

Bust support: It features a wireless stay-put bra with inserted elastic band for great support and shape

6. Baleaf Athletic One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: 90% polyester and 10% spandex, which is definitely more chlorine-resistant than nylon.

Design: The design is minimalistic, as what most swimsuits are when they’re designed for swimming laps. It features a racerback keyhole with adjustable shoulder straps that provides a custom fit for easy movement.

Coverage: Some reviews said it runs a size or two small. You definitely should should check out the size chart and get your tape measure to land the right size. Also note that this is a little cheeky but not too much.

Breast support: It has a built-in shelf bra with soft removable cups. Overall, this should support your bust while swimming.

For the price, this swimsuit is worth your money. As one of the reviews noted, this suit is great and the material is thick and feels durable.

7. Speedo Women’s Endurance+ Shirred Tank

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: 50% polyester + 50% PBT. In case you’re wondering, PBT is essentially a kind of polyester, only enhanced to provide more warmth and stretch like a nylon. Most Speedo water aerobics swimsuits contain PBT in them not just for chlorine resistance but to also ensure a more luxuriously comfortable swim especially for athletes.

Bust support: If you have large breasts, this’ll hold your girls securely. This features an oval shaped removable cups that provides underwire-like support without the discomfort. The rear coverage is full so this is your suit if you’re looking for a modest swimsuit.

8. SYROKAN Soft Cup Athletic One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Featuring adjustable shoulder straps to fit your shape, this is perfect for swimming laps. It also has mesh inner lining and built-in cup to shape your silhouette. In terms of chlorine resistance, this is definitely worth your every buck as it’s made of 92% polyester with 6% spandex for flexibility.

Bust support is remarkable with its padded bra that prevents nip slip. The back is lined for extra support. If coverage, comfort, and support are what you’re after, this one piece provides just these.

9. Vegatos Racerback One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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This has 11 different prints so you’ll probably have a hard time choosing.

If you’re well-endowed in the breast department, this will suit you just fine because the padding isn’t too thick. Instead, it provides more support than more bulk. Being 82% polyester, 18% spandex, this withstand chlorine, stretches to allow easy movement, and dries fast. Perfect for swimming class, sports, and exercise training.

For plus size women: size XL and up

If you’re a plus size with a large bust, you’ll need all the bust support you can get so you can swim without worries of wardrobe malfunction. Therefore, I’m gonna emphasize the bust support capability of each suit.

But if you’re a plus size with small bust size, all swimsuits below should fit you just fine and you need not worry about each suit’s bust support.

All these swimsuits are equipped with tummy control to support and shape your midsection, if that’s what you wanna go for.

Lastly, they’re strategically designed to slim down your figure by incorporating slimming designs like peplum to mimic a slim waist, diagonal lines and ruchings to camouflage your tummy, etc.

1. Speedo Endurance Side Shirred One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: This is perfect if don’t only swim but also do water aerobics on a regular basis. One customer wrote she’s been doing water aerobics with this for 8 months now and it’s still in great condition. She frequents the pool 3-4 times a week.

Comfort: If you hate having to readjust your swimsuit every few minutes in the water, you’re not gonna have that problem on this one. Lots of customers who bought this said this fits well, holds everything in place, and stays in place. Just perfect if easy movement in the pool is your top priority.

Design: It’s minimalistic yet doesn’t fail to address what most plus size women want from a swimsuit: to slim down and hold their tummy. The shirred waist creates the illusion of a slimmer waist by accentuating it; while the built-in compression panel for the tummy seals the deal.

Bust support: A size 20 customer with a bust of 42G wrote it holds her breasts in place and it’s very sturdy. She’s even purchased two more.

Other info:

  • Fabric: 50% Polyester/50% PBT (PBT is a type of modified polyester so it’s safe to say that this one piece is concentrated with polyester.)
  • No inside bra but it has a light lining where the cups are.
  • Concealed soft cups and compression panels

Note before you buy:

  • Don’t buy this suit if skin is allergic to 100% polyester.
  • Some customers claimed it’s runs small but do take note that if you’re a pro swimmer, you might want a little bit of compression as it might be too loose for constant movement. Read the size chart to make sure.
  • This is more suitable for pools, but might not be if you’ll be swimming in the beach. One customer had sand got in between the suit and the lining and there was no opening to get it out.

2. Krinkle Chlorine Resistant Cross Back Tank

Durability: Because it’s made up of 100% polyester, the reviews of this swimsuit are just raving about its incredible resistance to chlorine. It also retains its shape better. One customer who owns 3 Krinkle swimsuits— one of which is 4 years old—guaranteed its durability when she wrote that she swims in the pool 3-4 times a week. While her 4-year old Krinkle swimsuit’s lining is definitely starting to deteriorate, it’s safe to say that not all swimsuits can last for 4 years and still look like a proper swimsuit.

Comfort: Be warned. This is not for you if your skin is particularly allergic to 100% polyester. Aside from the polyester, the texture is also rough. Although most customers who wrote the review (most of whom are regular swimmers) did NOT complain about its roughness, it’s important to note that there were at least 3 customers who did. So if your skin is somewhat sensitive to rough textures and polyester, scroll down. Other than that, 95% of the reviews didn’t have any issues with how this one piece’s fabric felt on their skin.

Design: Another minimalistic design but not boring, either. The fabric was designed so that it hugs the figure while sucks in your tummy with its tummy control panel. At the back is a crossover design that allows free movement.

Bust and support: It doesn’t have an underwire but it does have a soft cup bra the bust support and overall coverage are great. This will work for large-breasted women.

3. Lalagen’s Tankini Set

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: This tankini set is made up of 82% polyester + 18% spandex which ensures both resistance against chlorine and stretchability for movement. This will work if you find 100% polyester uncomfortable, as the added 18% spandex will tone it down.

Comfort: Because the A-line top flares at the bottom, it provides more than enough room for your tummy fats allowing comfortable space. The bottom isn’t too high waisted though but that’s because the top is already capable of camouflaging the midsection if that’s what you’re going for.

Design: The top is especially flattering for a plus size woman. Its A-line silhouette creates the illusion of a slimmer waist, more flattering than what a straight tank top.

Bust support: This has no underwire but one customer who’s an E cup said it was able to support her breasts well. If you have bigger boobs, this might not hold though.

This is for you if you have an unusually long torso, you can totally rock this tankini as you won’t have issues with its length

Before you order, check the size chart thoroughly and get your tape measure. 76 of the reviews said this fits as expected but the rest said it runs either big or small.

4. Maxine Of Hollywood Front Girl Leg, Shirred One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Comfort and coverage: “Front girl leg” means this swimsuit offers full coverage at the top of your legs. So if you want a modest swimsuit that’ll cover the front and rear bottom, this suit is your best bet.

Durability: Being made of 100% polyester, there’s no doubt about its remarkable resistance to chlorine.

Design: Because the sides are shirred, it provides space for the tummy without the bulgy appearance. It also features a low cut at the back for a slimming design. And when it comes to colors, you aren’t just stuck with one, either. Check it out in Amazon to see the other 5 color variations.

If you prefer solid colors, check out its solid color variations here.

Bust support: It has built in cups that provides reliable support.

Overall, the reviews sing praises for this feminine one piece. One customer even confessed that she has 4 of these swimsuits as she swims all year round.

5. Wavely Off Shoulder High Waisted Bikini

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Durability: This high waisted bikini set is made up of 85% polyester and 15% elastane ensuring enough resistance to chlorine but still benefiting from the flexibility of spandex.

Design: The bottom is ruched to make tuck in, support, and camouflage your tummy. If your arms is your problem area, the ruffled bikini top takes care of that by drawing the eyes attention to the details of the ruffles and in the process, camouflages your arm fats and make it look slimmer.

Coverage: The bottom’s rear coverage is full so no need to worry about spillage.

Breast support: This has a built in removable soft padding bra but without underwire. You might not wanna order this if you have large breasts since the ruffles will make them even bigger. Unless bigger breasts is what you wanna go for.

Perfect if:

  • If you have long torso, this high waisted bikini will get rid of that problem.
  • If you have small breasts, the ruffle will add more volume to your breasts.
  • Overall, this suit is not only chlorine resistant but also slimming for plus size women.

6. Krinkle Diagonal Sheath One Piece

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Design: The diagonal sheath effectively that hugs the waist slims down your tummy along with its tummy control panel underneath. This comes in 5 different colors, each one as pretty as the next.

Rear coverage: If the biggest part of your body are your hips, and you wanna camouflage it, this is your swimsuit. Designed with modesty in mind, it features a full butt coverage and control panel for the tummy.

Breast support: This only has a soft bra and no underwire but the cups are very supportive that it works for women with large breasts.

Durability: Being a 100% polyester, you can definitely expect this swimsuit to keep its resistance against chlorine for years and years to come, as well as its shape and color.

Note before buying:

  • This is 100% polyester. Don’t buy if you’re allergic to pure polyester.
  • This runs a bit small. Go one size up your usual dress size when choosing your size.

7. Sovoyontee Ruffles High Waisted Bikini

Best Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
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Design: This high waisted bikini does a good job in slimming down a plus size figure because of its ruffles and diagonal lines which captures the eyes attention and hold them there. Perfect if you’re trying to camouflage your arm fats.

Tummy control: Being high waisted with cutouts on both sides, it doesn’t only tuck in the tummy but also slims it down and creates more interest for a flattering look.

Fabric: 82% polyester+18% spandex

Bust support is superb with its detachable, wire-free, padded bra. Unfortunately, this isn’t for you if you have breasts above C cup as some reviews complain about it not being so supportive if you’re planning to swim a lot.

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