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If your goal is to enhance your curves and create a more hourglass proportion for your body, this curated list of plus size swimsuits with tummy control is for you. Think of a swimsuit tummy control panel as a corset. It tucks in the tummy fats and shapes your waist like an hourglass.

But unlike corset, it’s lightweight and super comfortable. So much so that you can barely feel it’s there.

In this list, I’ll include the principles of design used for each swimsuit. As you may notice, brands who specialize in swimsuits with tummy control panels, like Miraclesuit, not only pay close attention to their tummy control but also to their designs.

Meaning, the tummy control panel and the design go hand in hand. It doesn’t make sense to create one without the other. After all, the purpose of them is to slim down the wearer.

Without further ado, this is my top picks of plus size swimsuits with tummy control panels.

Hourglass effect swimsuits

What more effective way to make you look like an hourglass than to wear designs that mimic an hourglass?

When you wear swimsuits with hourglass effect, a visual illusion is created: your waist becomes slimmer and curvier and your hips become more defined.

You can achieve this effect through a swimsuit’s print, cutout, and line. Here’s how:

This one piece, for example, creates an hourglass through its prints. The blue curvy print ensures that your waist appears more defined and curvier than it actually is.

This one piece uses the same technique. Only this time, the prints were in the middle and the black is on the sides. Still, the slimming goal is achieved just the same.

This design, on the other hand, create a contrast between your upper and lower torso. The lighter blue design at the top enhances the breasts while the darker blue at the bottom downplays the tummy fats. This setup is especially perfect for plus size who have small breasts like rectangle, pear, and diamond body types.

This one’s simple yet very elegant. It uses two directions of diagonal lines to paint an hourglass impression of the waist.

best one piece for a plus size apple body
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Lastly, this lacy one-piece uses cutouts to mimic an hourglass figure. Add to that the crisscross neckline which only emphasizes the cutout and distracts the eyes from the tummy and you have the perfect swimsuit that will flatter any body type.

Diagonal lines and patterns

Diagonal lines are perfect at camouflaging your midsection. They distract the eyes from focusing on the bulk of your tummy and instead catches all the attention.

With this one-piece, the combination of spliced dark and light colors only strengthen the effect of diagonal lines on plus size bodies.

diagonal pattern one piece to hide the belly fat
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As you can see, the diagonal division between the blue and the black section draws the eyes away from the tummy. Note that the black is placed on the midsection since black is the most slimming of all colors. A simple yet effective strategy.

Swimsuits with plunging necklines

V or U-neck, swimsuits with plunging necklines visually elongate the arms and torso. And if you’re a plus size who want to create a slimming effect, your goal is to elongate. The deeper the plunge, the slimmer and longer you seem to appear than you actually are.

hourglass cutout swimsuit for plus size women with big tummy
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Peplum tankinis

peplum tankini to slim down the waist of a plus size body
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When it comes to accentuating a plus size woman’s waist, no other silhouette does it better than a peplum tankinis. It creates that flattering hourglass figure: slim waist, bigger hips, an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

A-line swim dresses

Like peplum shaped tankinis, A-line swim dresses create an hourglass silhouette because they hug the waist and flare at the bottom creating an hourglass effect.

best swimdress with tummy control
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The added V-neck and ruchings in this swim dress also help in camouflaging the tummy fats and creating a slimmer tummy and waist.

Swimsuits with ruchings

If you look closely, this one piece has ruchings on the tummy area. These ruchings aren’t just there for aesthetic reasons. They enhance the tummy control capability of the swimsuit. When a plus size lady wears this, the ruchings stretch and make room for her tummy and belly.

The V-neck at the chest is a brilliant addition if you have big arms and/ or broad shoulders that you wanna camouflage. It forces the eyes to focus on the plunging neckline instead of your arms and shoulders.

ruched swimsuit to camouflage the love handles
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What I love about these designs: They’re simple ruched one piece but no less beautiful. These are perfect if you prefer minimalistic design without the bling and extras.

Their fabrics were specially manufactured to resist chlorine so this is perfect if you’re a frequent pool swimmer. Support and durability, are no doubt, the forte of this swimsuit.

bathing suits that hide the tummy fats
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This is for you if you don’t want extra bling in your swimsuit and want to keep it simple. Simple doesn’t mean plain or boring though. The ruching and zipper in the middle aren’t just there for functionality and support.

They also serve an aesthetic purpose for the design. Otherwise, it would have looked plain, which it isn’t. This is perfect if you’ll be moving and swimming a lot in the water.

high waisted bikini that hide the belly fat of a plus size woman
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If you prefer plain colors, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The bra may be too closed-up for your taste but with the crisscross in the middle, it created a whole new chic style of modesty.

The crisscross details capture the eyes, the ruching comfortably tucks your belly fat—they both blended together to create a perfect swimsuit for a plus size lady.

Hope this helps. Now go enjoy the beach and have a blast.

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