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Ah, back acnes! You loathe them but can’t get rid of them. And a few days from now, you’re going to the beach and you want them gone. As soon as possible. Then you have a situation and this post will help. If you wanna know the hacks on how to cover your back acne for the beach, read on.

Let’s assume that you’ve taken care of your skin, ate the right food, and maintained a pretty chill stress level. But for some reason, you just can’t get rid of your back acnes! Then this post is for you.

Let me remind you though that most of these tips are only short term and quick fixes. A visit to your dermatologist is still the best option as everyone’s skin is different as well as their cure.

Wear your hair long.

How to Cover Back Acne for the Beach

Cost: free

This is a no-brainer but it would be a disservice not to mention this.

If your hair is long enough and your back acnes aren’t too substantial in size and quantity, I see no reason for not hiding your back acne with the simplest, cheapest, and most organic way possible.

I’ve had this happened so many times. I’d be freaking out about my acne and ask my friends’ opinions about it and they’d reply, “Really? We didn’t know they were there until you brought it up. Now we can’t unsee it.”

So you see, we women sometimes tend to overestimate the gravity of our situation.

If the abovementioned conditions don’t apply to you though, proceed to the next tips.

Look for bathing suits that offer bacne coverage.

If bacne is your constant companion, then it’s worth to invest in a swimsuit that covers your back. Don’t worry. A swimsuit that covers the back doesn’t mean it is not sexy. The fashion industry has created every possible design to meet each woman’s criteria of a flattering swimsuit.

Next week, I’ll write a recommendation guide on the best swimsuits that hide back acnes.

Wear a cover-up.

cover up that cover back acne
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If you’re just not a fan of bulky swimsuits that cover the back, you can instead wear a cover up after swimming.

Have you noticed that you often feel self-conscious about your appearance when you’re lounging around the pool or beach, but not when you’re submerged in the water? When you’re submerged and swimming, the people around you are unlikely to see your back, let alone pay attention to it.

When lounging around the pool and beach, however, this is when we humans subconsciously look at people’s figures and appearance.

So if you prefer to wear a skimpy bikini over one piece bathing suits that cover your back, then a cover up is your best bet.

Apply a tinted sunblock/ sunscreen.

Cost: This sure is pricier than wearing a swimsuit that covers the back but the good thing is, you get to wear whatever you want.

Wearing a tinted body and face sunscreen will not only protect you from the sun but will also conceal your back acne by providing a tinted coverage. Think of it as a makeup concealer. But instead of only covering the face acne, it also covers the ones at the back.

tinted sunscreen to hide back acne
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I recommend TIZO Ultra Zinc Body & Face Sunscreen Tinted SPF 40 as I’ve personally tried it and it was recommended by my dermatologist. It has also earned an excellent review in Amazon although one buyer wrote that it caused her skin to break out so please look at the ingredients and check for allergy potentials.

Find out the root cause of your back acnes.

Cost: Pricey at the start but beneficial in the long term.

While the tips previously discussed are effective, the fact remains that they are still short term fixes and will only temporarily conceal your back acnes.

Acne, at its most basic, is the blockage of the tiny openings in the skin, called pores. Acne is caused by three major factors: These factors can be triggered by hormonal changes within the body, which explains why acne is most common at certain life stages: puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause.

If you want a more effective and permanent result, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to find out the root cause of your back acne.

Common causes of back acne

Back acnes are caused by several factors but the following are the most common:

  • Abnormal shedding of skin cells: Normally, the skin is constantly shedding and renewing itself throughout one’s lifetime. However, in some people, this shedding of skin cells aren’t working properly. They produce more dead skin cells than normal which, in turn, aren’t shed properly. This condition then leads to retention hyperkeratosis or abnormal thickening of the outer layer of the skin. If you’re prone to hyperkeratosis, which your dermatologist can confirm, exfoliating is your best option
  • A rapid increase of acne-causing bacteria: Propionibacteria acne, an acne-causing bacteria, is a normal resident of the skin and isn’t an indication of uncleanliness. However, acne-prone people are more sensitive to this type of bacteria and they tend to have more of them. As a result, they irritate the skin and cause acne to form.
  • Overactive sebaceous (or oil) glands: Sebum is the natural oil created by your body keep your skin lubricated. Sebum, in itself, is not a problem. The problem happens when it’s trapped inside the pores and creates a blockage which then leads to various types of acne. Dermatologists often prescribe topical treatments and oral medication for severe cases.

So you see, each back acne is different and may have a different cause from others, thus requiring specialized treatment. Therefore, to have a better chance of getting rid of your back acne, your best option is to visit a dermatologist.

I hope that these tips on how to hide your back acne for swimming will let you enjoy your beach vacation.

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